Established in 1999, the Sunshine Society promotes and recognizes bequests and other planned estate gifts to the Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts Inc.

Your legacy gift will support our Club’s mission to help our neighbors in need, especially children with disabilities and city youth. Please join the Sunshine Society, leave a little sunshine – and a wonderful legacy.

There are many needs and opportunities available to support Rochester Rotary and your gift will be carefully stewarded to provide funding for the programs you know and love year after year. To learn more or to join the Sunshine Society, please contact Heather Rossi, Development Director, at 585.546.7435 x203 or

Including us in your will or estate plan is one of the most meaningful ways to solidify your legacy. Gifts through a will are flexible, they can be changed as an individuals’ circumstances change in life. A bequest can be set for a specific dollar amount or for a percentage of a donor’s estate. Contact your attorney to make an amendment to your will.

Sample bequest language*:

“I give and bequeath to the Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts, Inc., EIN 16-0778060, _________% of my residuary estate (or $___________) for its unrestricted charitable use.”

*sample suggestion as to content and should be written or adapted by legal counsel to fit the contributor’s individual situation.

Each summer 220 campers are welcomed to the Sunshine Camp program free of charge to their families. For a gift of $15,000, or more, you can endow a Sunshine camper. Camper families will be made aware of the individual/family/company that has supported their camp experiences unless requested otherwise by donor. Your gift can be immediate or in a bequest. Contact Heather Rossi, Development Director, at 585.546.7435 x203 or to discuss an endowment.

Retirement Plans and IRAs

Retirement funds paid to your children at your passing can get hit with heavy income and estate taxes but are tax-free to a charity. If you are considering a gift to the Rochester Rotary after your passing, it is usually better to leave taxable assets (retirement plans and IRAs) to a charity and give nontaxable.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity can provide you with fixed income payments for life and a possible partial tax deduction. After death, the remainder value is a charitable gift to the Rochester Rotary.

Life Insurance Policy

You can designate Rochester Rotary as the beneficiary for an amount or percentage of your life insurance policy death benefit.